When it comes to security cameras one size does not fit all.
Our many years experience in the industry means we are

Able to:
• Plan the wiring so that it can be concealed wherever possible.
• Specify the most suitable cameras for your needs.
• Choose the correct lenses for the areas you wish to monitor.
• Position cameras accurately in order to get the best results.

Outland’s Video Surveillance Systems Help Protect Your Home with Our Highly Responsive Alarm System Monitoring.

Home Video Security Systems

Installing a video system offers an additional level of protection to your home security system. Put your mind at ease knowing you have reliable, state-of-the-art equipment watching over your family. Our wide range of capabilities includes digital recording and remote monitoring, both inside and outside your home, 24×7. Whether you’re checking to see if a package arrived or monitoring your child’s nursery, we can customize your video security system to meet your precise needs and requirements. From a single camera to multiple cameras with DVR, Outland will help assess your needs and design a system that will keep your family and your property safe and secure.

Outland offers the very best in data network solutions. Our technicians are experts at installing a variety of networks to include:
• Enterprise WiFi
• Data Network Wiring
• Bridge Networking
and many more…
When it comes time to make the decision on how you will install your network, whether it be small or large, contact Outland and let us assist you in making the very best decisions for a worry-free and efficient network system that will serve you for years to come.

Private Residences

Small Businesses

Large Businesses

Public Spaces


When it comes to security cameras one size does not fit all.


Security camera systems are only as good as the people who install them. Our technicians have the experience and know-how to install even the most complicated systems, professionally and with care.